A coin you will spend more than trade

mobile crypto pay coin



MCPC is for all your mobile phone needs.

With Mobile Crypto Pay Coin you are able to purchase prepaid mobile cards, mobile data plans, hardware warranty, and so much more.

Coin Specifications

  • Algorithm: Quark
  • Type: PoS + Masternode
  • Max Supply: 21,000,000.00
  • Pre-Mine: 1%
  • Mature time: 60 Blocks/Minutes

MCPC is a payment platform and marketplace that is utilized on top of blockchain technology to provide an avenue for anybody to issue or receive cryptocurrency.

  • Safe and Secure
    The MCPC Masternode blockchain stores and secures all data.
  • Personalized
    Use your MCPC how you want it.
  • Fast and Reliable
    Utilizing the Masternode system transfers are faster than ever!


Mobile Pay Crypto Coin Masternodes are decentralized nodes which host a wallet containing a collateralized amount of MCPC. These nodes perform several tasks including:
1. Adding privacy to transactions
2. Increasing network transaction speeds
3. Providing a financial incentive for node operators by giving a return on investment (ROI) for transactions validated

  • Easy Setup
    Follow the guide below or watch the video
  • Passive Income
    Help secure the network and run a masternode to earn MCPC
  • Built-in Inflation Control
    Provides MCPC with value and longevity
Masternode Guide

an Unwavering community

Our team posses a wealth of Crypto knowledge and experience in many areas of the IT industry as well as Crypto. We believe that we have a cohesive and professional organization. The core team is extremely important in any business endeavor and especially within the Crypto space. First and foremost, we are friends as well as colleagues. We are combining our forces and experience to make MCPC one of the coins that will lead the market. We can only hope that others will follow our path. We have researched the top projects and taken what works and have thrown out the rest, all the while improving upon everything. Our use case is solid. Please join us on and into the future.

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