Comprehensive Masternode guide

  1. Download a wallet
  2. Launch wallet and wait for it to sync
  3. Go to Vultr
  4. Sign up for a VPS
  5. Create Account/Sign-In
  6. Deploy a server (from the blue plus sign) in the top right corner
  7. Choose the server location that is closest to your city
  8. Select Ubuntu 16.04 x64 for the server type
  9. Choose the 25GB SSD for the server size
  10. Afterwards skip to server hostname and label at the bottom of the page
  11. Name it "MN1-MCPC" or your first node and "MN2-MCPC" for a second one and so on.
  12. Hit Deploy Now
  13. Your server on Vultr should take about 5 minutes to be ready
  14. Meanwhile go back to your wallet
  15. Make sure the wallet is fully synced and there is no loading bar in the bottom left
  16. Once it is fully synced go to File > Receiving Addresses
  17. Click the New button in the bottom left of the window that pops up
  18. Once you click New a window will appear which includes two fields; Label and Address
  19. For the Label field enter "MN1-MCPC" and leave the Address field Blank
  20. Click Ok
  21. You will be taken back to the Receiving Addresses window and you should see your newly created address there.
  22. Click the newly created address and click on Copy then click close
  23. Once back to the wallet dashboard go to the Send tab at the top
  24. In the Pay To: field, paste the address you copied
  25. In the Amount: field enter exactly 10000 and click Send in the bottom left corner
  26. You need 20 confirmations before starting your masternode
  27. Switch back to Vultr now and your server should be set up. Click on the Servers tab on the left
  28. Click on your server
  29. Download Bitvise SSH
  30. Once installed launch Bitvise SSH
  31. Copy the IP Address of your server into the Host field on BItvise
  32. Leave the Port field blank
  33. Go to the Authentication section on the right and type in root for the Username
  34. Set initial method to password and then copy your server password and paste it there
  35. Check the "Store encrypted password in profile"
  36. Click Login
  37. You should now be logged into your server and see "root@MN1-MCPC:~#"
  38. Paste: wget
  39. Wait for it to finish until you see "root@MN1-MCPC:~#" again
  40. Then paste/enter: bash
  41. You should see "Prepare the system to install MCPCoin masternode."
  42. You will be prompted with a screen that says "Enter your MCPCoin Masternode Private key. Leave it blank to generate a new Masternode Private key for you:"
  43. Press enter
  44. You should see "MCPCoin server starting"
  45. Afterwards you will see a screen that has everything you need to finish setting up your masternode
  46. Open notepad/text editor on your computer
  47. Copy the address next to "VPS_IP:PORT" and paste it to your notepad
  48. Copy your masternode private key and paste it to your notepad
  49. Minimize your VPS screen and go to your wallet
  50. Your transaction should have 20 Confirmations by now
  51. Go to Tools > Debug console
  52. Type: masternode outputs and hit enter
  53. It will display your Transaction ID (TX_ID) and Transaction Index(TX_Index). The outputs will look something like this:#Respond: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" : "0",
  54. # Your TXID Should be :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx# Your TXIndex Should be like : 0 or 1Copy and paste the outputs into your temporary notepad (TX_ID and TX_Index).
  55. Exit the Debug console
  56. Go to Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File
  57. On a new line paste the information you copied into your notepad in this format:
  58. MN1-MCPC Your_VPS_IP_Address:49451 Masternode_Priv_Key TX_ID TX_Index
  59. Once pasted save the file and restart your wallet
  60. Once your wallet starts and fully synced go to VPS and type: MCPCoin-cli getinfo make sure the block count matches the latest block number on the explorer, if it does not wait for it to fully sync (10 mins)
  61. After it is synced go to your wallet and go to the masternode tab.
  62. Select your masternode and hit start alias
  63. Your masternode should successfully start
  64. Go to VPS and type: MCPCoin-cli masternode status it should read "Masternode successfully started"
  65. Your are done! You must repeat these steps for every masternode you setup