8 guys changing the crypto world

What started as an idea in a discord chat room is reality!

MCPC was started as an idea by @Hitman420#7030 (on discord) he is considered the founder of our beloved MCPC. @Hitman420#7030 has a strong background in management and programing in the crypto space. He has been involved in the crypto space for 10+ years. We stand by him to move MCPC forward.

Think Amazon, think eBay, think freedom to use your MCPC coin to purchase anygoods or services as you see fit. Essentially, we will create a community where you will be able to buyand sell anything you would like. Additionally, there will be rewards for early adopters as well asaffiliates of the system.

MCPC is a payment platform and marketplace that is utilized on top of blockchaintechnology to provide an avenue for anybody to issue or receive cryptocurrency. We will provide amasternode coin setup that includes a solid ROI with built in inflation control. Thus, providing longevityand value to you! We believe in the original concepts of cryptocurrency. We are idealists, but alsorealists so we are making sure that HODLírs of all means will be able to use and access the system.



@Hitman420#7030 - Founder & Developer

With an extensive history of management and development both in and outside of the crypto space, @Hitman420#7030 is more than qualified to lead this project and take over as a market leader. He specializes in creating in-depth business plans that change businesses 180ļ. He has been a consultant on several other projects and has proved numerous times that he posses the skill and ability to be a leader.

@Lars-CryptoVici.io#0517 - Co-Founder & Advisor

@Lars-CryptoVici.io#0517 is an expert market analyst and financial advisor. @Lars-CryptoVici.io#0517 is very well known across the crypto community for all the projects he has assisted with. He posses an expert set of technical communication skills which have allowed him to be lead on many projects before.

@al3xxx#9372 - Back End and Front End Developer

@al3xxx#9372 is known for his ability to quickly and effectively solve back end problems as well as identify the source of errors. He is a go to person for any technical difficulties. With hundreds of projects under his belt, he can create new apps or solve any problems that may arise.

@HellMar#1878 - Back End Developer

@HellMar#1878 is an expert wallet and database developer that has been involved in many projects. He is the main blockchain developer and is specialized in C++ programing.

@TestNet19#7756 - Web & Front End Developer

@TestNet19#7756 is an expert web developer who specializes in UI and website design and implementation. With a portfolio of complex enterprise websites, he is reliable and continues to innovate automation through web based services. An essential part of the team.

@Marcus-CryptoVici.io#0055 - Digital UI Designer

When it comes to graphics and any digital design @Marcus-CryptoVici.io#0055 is our main person. His lighting speed delivery is unmatched along with bold creativity results in stunning designs that are outside the box. If you don't believe us, ask him for some graphic design work and try not to blink. @Marcus-CryptoVici.io#0055 has been on numerous project teams before and has 10+ years of experience in the field.

@DarthCryptoVader#7033 - Community Moderator

@DarthCryptoVader#7033 is our community moderator and has created the channel from the ground up. His keen eye for detail allows for an organized and cohesive community. We believe in order and rules at MCPC. For that, @DarthCryptoVader#7033 is our community police force and organizational mind.

@Randomalien-CryptoVici.io#9754 - Copy Writer

@Randomalien-CryptoVici.io#9754 is master word-player. He specializes in eye catching copy and white paper development. With a background in composition and 5+ of working in the crypto space he has developed a skill set that allows him to weave through words and produce high quality white papers and copy.

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